The Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course


What if you could minimize your prep time, streamline your therapy, and easily create meaningful and motivating speech therapy sessions for your students? 

The Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course is a comprehensive step-by-step program where you'll learn to use play based therapy with children of all ages, look at anything as a therapy tool, and develop connections with your students through play. Anna and Kiersten, two Pediatric SLPs, will teach you everything you need to know to bring play into your therapy room.

Course doors open again August 2024!

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We are just like you...

We are two Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists who have had limited resources with a giant caseload. Our passion for using play in therapy began when we learned how simple play activities can target a tonne of goals - all while keeping children engaged and learning.  Let us share what we have learned so you can get started using play in your sessions - the right way - today! 


By the end of this course you will be able to:

Confidently Use Play in Therapy

instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with where to start and not knowing exactly what to do 

Drastically reduce your Prep Time

by being able to grab any toy, game, or resource and confidently walk into any therapy session

Use Play in Group Therapy 

while effectively managing your students and providing ample opportunities for practicing therapy goals

Use Simple Play Routines

to target any speech or language goal, instead of spending hours prepping specific activities 

Use Common Toys in Therapy

so that you can use toys you already own and save yourself time and money

Efficiently Take Data during Play Therapy 

that suits your therapy style, your employer's standards, and your students' needs - with confidence

Target Speech Sounds in Play 

so that your students are engaged and learning in meaningful and motivating activities 

Use Play with Children of all ages

toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students can all reap the benefits of learning through play

Play without Toys 

so you can engage your students who aren't ready for toys, who don't like toys, or who are too old for traditional toys.

Use Themes within Play Based Therapy

so you can streamline your planning and provide a vocabulary rich session for your students.

What can I expect from this Course?


The course will be provided as a series of fourteen modules. Each module includes videos and slideshows that you can watch at your own pace - on your own schedule!


Over 70 easy to reference handouts that include Toy Activity Ideas for Target Goals, Speech Sound Word Lists, and Summaries of the presentations. Use these resources again and again!

Live Q & A

One LIVE session with Kiersten and Anna available exclusively to Course Members. We will will be available to help you on your play-based journey by answering your specific questions. 

But above all else....

The Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course will give you the confidence to create meaningful and motivating therapy sessions for our students while saving you time and money.


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