10 Ways to Play with a Farm in Speech Therapy

Apr 24, 2024

We are PASSIONATE about taking a single toy, resource, therapy tool or game and using it to it's maximum capacity to target a variety of speech and language goals! We also love encouraging parents to do the same! Having handouts that you can easily print and give your client's parents is such a handy tool for our practice. It gives parents something easy to refer back to after learning about it in our speech therapy sessions and empowers them to practice the same at home! We have created so many handouts in our Play Based Speech Therapy Course that does just that but wanted to give you a FREEBIE you can use with your early intervention and preschool caseloads today. This handout gives parents ideas on how they can use ONE toy multiple ways to engage their child while using repetitive language strategies to encourage language development. It is a great tool for us as SLPs as well, since it provides ideas that we can demonstrate to parents before asking them to try the same at home! It's so important for our parents to be encouraged to look at toys they already own and see the opportunities they provide for speech and language skill development!

If you love learning more play-based therapy ideas that you can implement immediately in your sessions you will want to keep reading! Check out our website for all the details regarding our Play Based Speech Therapy Course designed for SLPs! The handouts and therapy ideas provided alone in the course will leave you feeling inspired and excited for the new school year to come, not to mention the community that you can build with fellow SLPs just like you!

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