5 Tips for Buying Resources for Speech and Language Therapy

tips and tricks Nov 09, 2022

Speech and Language resources, games, toys and tools are fun additions to our therapy yet can feel overwhelming at times when figuring out what is worth purchasing or not! 

Here are some things we like to consider before purchasing a new therapy tool:

Tip #1: Goals

Think about what goals can you target with this ONE resource. What are the language goals? What are the speech goals? 

Tip #2: Set Up

How easy and long is the set up? We always love using set up time to target a variety of goals with a client as well. However, you don't want the set up to take more time than playing the game or cause frustration for your client. 

Tip #3: Theme

We love using theme based therapy in our sessions as it is such a natural pairing with a play based therapy approach! It also makes planning a LOT easier! That is why this is one of our checklist items before purchasing a resource - we want to know does it fit a theme we currently use or am wanting to start using? Is it a theme that I have a LOT of resources for already or a theme that could use an additional game/tool/resource?

Tip #4: Flexibility

This one is KEY! We always think about this question when purchasing an item "Can I adapt this toy/game/resource and use it for the children across my caseload? This helps decrease your prep time and need less tools for planning the sessions in your day!

Tip #5: Child's Interests

Is this tool engaging and motivating for children? Does it suit my client's interests?

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