7 Top Toys for Speech Therapy

toys in speech Aug 17, 2022

Instead of choosing specific toys, we like to think about toy categories when we choose our favourites. 

Why? Because you can target a lot of the same goals with a pizza set and a cake set - and they're both FOOD toys. See what we mean?

If you're a new grad, or an SLP looking to get some new goodies, you can keep these in mind when scouting out toy stores, garage sales, and thrift shops! 

These "7 Must Haves" are the 7 toy categories we have individual sub-modules for in our course. We give you ideas of what types of toys fit this category as well as mock sessions on how to use each toy for a variety of goals! The & Must Haves include:

1. Surprise Toys

Kids love the anticipation of these toys and you can target a variety of verbs, describing, spatial concepts, plurals, and core words!

2. Figurines

Animals, People, Vehicles?! Yes, please! These are so versatile and can be used in so many ways to target following directions, pronouns, possessive 's, core words, verbs, and more!

3. Toy Food Sets

A classic! Target describing, pretend play, plurals, following directions, pronouns, listening for details, categories, and vocabulary!

4. Critter Clinic

This toy is SO versatile and can be used in compliment with so many themes to target vocabulary, expanding utterances, concepts, plurals, and verb tenses. Other toys that use a door and key also fit within this category and can be use to target the same things.

5. Puzzles

There are so many ways to use this closed-ended toy in an open-ended way to target temporal concepts, core words, verbs, and following directions to name a few!

6. Play Scenes

Little People Sets, Shopkins Toys, and Littlest Pet Shop are all 'play scenes' and are a perfect companion to use with figurines, mini objects, and cars. You can target almost ANY goal, including spatial concepts, following directions, verbs, and describing!

7. Building Toys

Lego, Magformers, K'nex, Blocks, are all perfect for play based therapy because they are open ended. You can use them to target spatial concepts, vocabulary, following directions, requesting, opposites, and more!

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