Best Places to Buy Mini Objects

mini objects in speech therapy tips and tricks Jul 27, 2022

"Where can I buy mini objects" is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get from our followers and members! SLPs are always on the hunt for mini objects and it can be quite the task for us to find them. We wanted to help you out and give you the tips and tricks we use to find the mini objects we LOVE using in our therapy rooms! Here are our top 4 tips for buying mini objects as well as some current links you can use to start your search!

Tip #1: Seasonal Store Sections

We have been most successful at finding mini objects in the seasonal sections in stores. Stores such as Walmart, Michaels and Dollar Stores are always switching up what is in their seasonal sections. Remember when looking in the seasonal sections, don't just think about how you can use items for the current season you are in but also think about how you could use them for other seasons and themes you use in your therapy room (e.g., purchasing bones during halloween could also be used for a pet theme unit; purchasing different surprise eggs during easter can be used for a VARIETY of themes throughout the year). 

Tip #2 :  Think about WHAT could be a Mini Object

Remember mini objects could be different types of buttons (etc. dress it up buttons are my favourite), croc charms, table decor (in seasonal sections of stores), doll accessories, fairy garden figurines (etc. dollar tree), reusable ice cubes, scrapbook embellishments, mini erasers, Shopkins, Grossery Gang, and more. Don't limit your key word search to "mini objects" but look up ideas listed above to find a variety of items you can use as minis in your therapy room.

Tip #3 : Always be on the Look Out

Isn't it always the case when you go on the hunt for something specific you can never find it and then when no longer looking that item seems to be everywhere? It's the same for minis! Honestly, we have been collecting mini objects for years now and are ALWAYS keeping our eye out for them whether it's on a grocery run, doing errands, or picking something up at the dollar store. You never know where you will find them! We've found mini objects at thrift stores, Walmart, Michaels, Dollarama, Dollar Tree, Small Town connivence stores, hardware stores, Winners/Marshalls, Amazon, Target, TJMax, etc. It's a constant hunt and that's what makes it exciting!

Tip #4 : Our Favourite Places to Buy Minis

Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading, Dollarama, Michaels, Amazon, Sewing Stores, Speech Tree Co, Etsy, Thrift Stores & Walmart


Mini Eraser Bundles

Mini Eraser Bundles

Food Mini Eraser Bundles

Croc Charm 100 Piece

Toobs Sets

My Life Doll Accessory Sets

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