Farm Themed Lesson Plan for Speech Therapy

themes in speech Jun 15, 2022

We love sharing themed lesson plans with other SLPs to inspire new ideas that you can easily implement in your therapy room! We especially enjoy giving you lesson plans you can refer to and use ALL year long! A farm themed session is a great theme to use at any time of the year! Here are some fun activities we enjoy using and hope you will too:

Activity #1: Choose any "farm" themed book you can start your session off with. Pair the story with farm play-props that you can pair with your barn play-scene. Talk about the different animals you might find on a farm and what animals you saw in the story. I enjoy using "Old MacDonald had a Farm" and a drawstring bag with all the animals used in the song. Pull the animal out when it comes up in the story and have the child name or say the sound of the animal before giving the animal to the child to put in the barn!

Activity #2: Use farm animal toy pieces, paper pieces, felt pieces or stickers to create your own farm play scene! Practice the spatial concepts "on", "in", "under", "beside", "behind" as you place animals around the barn. You can also practice following directions and have the child listen to what animal they need and where they should place it (e.g., put the rooster on the barn).

Activity #3: Farm Memory Match Up Game! I looooove using this game in therapy! Oh and so do my students! Each animal comes a part into a bottom and top piece. Those pieces are hidden under the hay piles and you have to try to find the top and bottom that matches to make the animal and keep it as a point. There are SO many ways you can use this one game to target goals. Practice basic concepts: top/bottom, same/different, on/off, together/apart. Practice themed vocabulary as you practice the farm animal names. Use the hay piles and mini objects or the game pieces to practice spatial concepts: behind, under, beside, on and in front of the hay pile. Practice speech sounds (e.g., /ch/: "check this hay pile", "I choose this hay pile", "it's a match", "I got the chick" etc.). You can find this game on Amazon under it's new name: Little Tikes Farm 3D Memory Match-Up Game.

Activity #4: Pop the Pig by Goliath Games! This classic game is a great addition to any farm themed session! You can practice following directions (e.g., put the green burger in his mouth), core words (e.g., in, more, eat), expanding utterances (e.g., I need a purple burger), verbs (e.g., eat, cook, flip) or speech sounds (e.g., /sh/ show, push; /r/ red, purple, more, burger). 

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