Favourite Building Toys to Use in Speech Therapy

toys in speech Nov 16, 2022

Building Toys are a great addition to any therapy room! They provide great opportunities for open-ended play and motivating as well as meaningful ways to target speech and language skills! 

Let's check out our favourite building toys to use in speech therapy!

1. Magformers (or any magnetic tiles): magnetic tiles allow you to create anything your imagination can think of! Have fun building houses, cages, car garages, buildings, rockets and more as you practice your speech and language skills! Just think of all the /s-blend/ targets you can use in this one activity: "stick", "stack", "stand", "spot", "space", "square", etc. Click HERE for a link!

2. Bristle Blocks: These durable pieces are great for early intervention and preschoolers! Not to mention school aged kids get a kick out of making different creations using the various pieces. Easy to clean and use on the go! Click HERE for a link!

3. Learning Resources Deluxe Building Set: Another great building resource! The different gears and platforms allow you to create a variety of different structures while practicing following directions (first put the red gear on and then put the purple gear on); spatial concepts (e.g., put the green gear ABOVE the yellow gear or BELOW the blue gear); barrier games for listening to details, perspective taking and describing; and speech sounds such as /s-blends/: "stick", "spin", "stack". Click HERE for a link!

4. Legos: Who doesn't like lego?! This is a great tool for older students and can easily be transported in photo boxes for on-the-go therapy! Practice basic concepts such as "big" and "small", "long" and "short", "tall" and "short", "fat" and "skinny"; following directions; speech sounds such as /L/: "lego", "block", "blue", "like", "little". Click HERE for a link!

5. Plus Plus Blocks: Looking for building toys that are easy to put in your travel bag? These are a great choice! Click HERE for a link!



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