Favourite Play Food Sets to Use in Speech Therapy

toys in speech Nov 15, 2022

Ready for some fun gift ideas?!! One of the most common questions we get asked is about what are our favourite therapy materials we love using with our students! So let's dive in!

In our course we cover 7 toy categories in depth when it comes to using toys/games a variety of ways. We talk about how to use 1) Surprise Toys, 2) Building Toys, 3) Play Food Sets, 4) Critter Clinic (open-close toys), 5) Figurines/Little People, 6) Play Scenes, and 7) Puzzles to target LOTS of goals while providing you with mock sessions to show you just HOW to do so! We thought it would be fun to take those categories and provide you with our FAVOURITE TOYS from each category to give you fun gift ideas or gift list requests for yourself!

Let's start with our favourite PLAY FOOD SETS!!!

1. Melissa & Doug Mixer Set: This set comes with a fun interactive way to bake bread! With its recipe card and ingredients you have yourself a no prep resource that allows you target TONNES of goals (e.g., sequencing, following directions, verbs, etc.). Click HERE for the link!

2. Melissa & Doug Cupcake Set: This set is SO fun! My students absolutely love using this set! We make a pretend oven out of whatever is available in the room we are doing therapy in! We take a bowl and spatula to make our pretend cupcakes and then once baked get to decorate them with the icing markers and fun candles! Again the opportunities to practice a variety of goals are endless! Click HERE for the link!

3. Melissa & Doug Christmas Cookie Set: Although this set limits its use to Christmas Themed activities it is honestly one of my ALL time FAVOURITE resources I've purchased yet! I've had this resource from the beginning of my career as an SLP and it has been SO useful! Kids also love it too! I love using it to work on syllable segmentation, /k/ and /s-blends/, following directions, themed vocab, sequencing, and social skills. It's a keeper!!! Click HERE for the link!

4. Learning Resources Bakery Set: This set is a newer addition to my therapy room and provides great opportunities for speech and language skills while baking a pie, bread or cookies! It's three in one!! Which is great for traveling SLPs as well as for SLPs that are just beginning to collect resources - more bang for your buck! Click HERE for the link!


5. Melissa & Doug Tea Party Set: This food set is another fave as it provides additional verb vocabulary such as "pour", "sip", "stir", "dunk", "eat", "drink", "give", "taste", etc. as well as opportunities for listening for details (e.g., which kind of tea to drink) and answering/asking questions (e.g., what kind of tea do you want?, I would like lemon tea and two cookies, etc.). Click HERE for the link!

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