Favourite Play Scenes to Use in Speech Therapy

toys in speech Nov 17, 2022

We LOVE using play scenes in speech therapy!! The open ended play is such a great way to tie in a child's interests, provide opportunities for them to contribute their own ideas and creativity all the while practicing speech and language skills! 

Let's check out our favourite play scenes to use in speech therapy!

1. Fisher-Price Farm: We know this is a classic and found in almost every therapy room! We wanted to include it as our favourite as it is a great tool for early intervention and preschool that we use on a regular basis! It is great when targeting early symbolic sounds such as "baa", "moo", "uh-oh", "meow", "neigh"; spatial concepts "on", "in" and "behind"; themed vocab; following directions and expanding utterances. Click HERE for the link!

2. Doll Furniture: Doll furniture and doll accessories are some of our FAVOURITE therapy tools in therapy! I haven't come across a student who hasn't enjoyed it yet! You can easily incorporate functional vocabulary that the child would hear on a daily basis in their daily routines (e.g, bedroom furniture, kitchen vocabulary, clothing, bathroom vocab, etc.). Remember you don't need the doll house but can just use the different doll furniture and accessory sets to create your own play scenes which are just as fun! It is a great way to introduce, teach and carry over functional vocab they can use day-to-day. There are so many different sets you can get! One of my favourite doll brands is "my life" from Walmart but if you click the image it brings up some other fun sets you can get off amazon. Click HERE for the link! 

3. Felt Boards & Pieces: Whether it is a small felt board or a wall felt board, kids love being able to create their own scenes while targeting a variety of speech and language skills! I love pairing felt activities with story books of the same theme. This provides opportunities to reenact the story, retell the story, carry on and use the same themed vocabulary and of course target other skills such as following directions, spatial concepts, expanding utterances, speech sounds, active listening skills and more. Click HERE for the link! 

4. Fairy Garden Figurines: Kids LOVE these!!! Dollar Tree or other dollar stores are a great place to look for different seasonal fairy garden figurine sets that you can use along side books, seasonal activities and themed sessions. I'm telling ya, kids love creating their own scenes and enjoy making them with you as well while practicing their targets! You can search amazon for fairy garden figurine sets but they are way more money than finding them in your local dollar store!

5. Magnetic Play Scenes: There are SO many different magnetic play scene sets out there that are often a great therapy tool for traveling therapists! No prep needed! Grab and go and you have yourself an activity you can use in your sessions all day across your caseload! Click HERE for the link! 

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