Five Ways to Use Shark Bite in Speech Therapy

games in speech Jul 19, 2023

We love providing SLPs with tonnes of ideas and ways they can take what they already own and use them across your caseload! Here are 5 ways you can use Shark Bite by Goliath Games in your speech therapy sessions:

1. Verbs: fishing, catching/caught, swimming/swam, eating/ate, have, got, want.

2. Following Directions: place 3 sea creatures in front of the child and say (1-step): put the red crab in his mouth; (2-step): first put the lobster in, then put the fish in the shark's mouth.

3. Speech Sounds: /s/: "stick in", "scary sneaky", "steal/stole a fish",  "snap", "skip"; /sh/: "shark", "fish", "push the fish in", " I need the fishing rod", "ocean"; /f/:"green fish", "it fits", "let's go fishing", "I need the fishing rod", "find a...".

4. Requesting: Have the child request between 2 sea creatures the child wants to put IN the shark's mouth and then which creature they want to take OUT of the shark's mouth each time it's their turn. 

5. Themed Vocabulary: lobster, shark, fish, crab.

*Bonus* -- Opposites: in/out, up/down

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