Food Theme for Speech Therapy

Feb 28, 2024

Activity #1: Begin with a food themed book! The book "The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza" is a great book to target themed vocabulary, sequencing, problem solving, wh-questions, describing, object function and more! I love pairing any book with play-props - whether it be toys, mini objects or paper props! Check out the book HERE

Activity #2: Anna has created a great toy companion for a very popular SLP toy - Sorting Surprise Picnic Baskets from Learning Resources. This set includes activity sheets, visual supports, open ended scenes, fine motor tasks, sensory bins, interactive scenes, feeding activities, play based therapy ideas and crafts, - and so much more! You truly get the whole experience with this one activity! Grab the resource HERE

Activity #3: We are lovers of pretend food sets in our therapy rooms! So much so that we selected this toy category as one of the seven we talk about in depth in the course! However, we know that these food sets (although so useful in therapy) can add up in price! So Kiersten has created a resource that allows you to have a similar experience with sequencing different recipes and foods using PLAY PROPS! This set provides opportunities for following directions, theme vocab, sequencing, spatial concepts, predicting, and more! Grab the resource HERE

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