FREE Professional Development Courses for Speech Language Pathologists

free resources May 11, 2022

Professional development is a requirement for all Speech-Language Pathologists and can often add up quickly! We wanted to compile a little list of the many FREE continuing education courses you can easily access to get those hours you need while saving you time and money!

Here are 5 Ways to Access Free Professional Development:

1. Play Based Speech Therapy Course Free Webinar - we have put together a 1 hour free webinar you can access anytime just by clicking this link: 

2. SpeechPathology.Com provides you with the opportunity to take a free SLP continuing education course and earn free CEUs! Check out over 450 evidence-based courses from top-tier presenters to find something that interests you: 

3. SpeechTherapyPD.Com has both free and paid courses using evidence based techniques:  Search "free course" to access free professional development. Login is required. 

4. Child Apraxia Treatment course. This course will be available for ASHA CEUs starting April 1, 2021 until March 31, 2023 and is designed for speech-language pathologists seeking education about evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of CAS :

5. Pearson has frequent free webinars you can register for. Check them out here:

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Be sure to let us know if you check any of these courses out!

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