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Ice Cream Themed Lesson Plan for Speech Therapy

Aug 28, 2022

Who doesn't love ice cream!?! It's a great theme to pull out any time of year and make a fun, interactive session for your students! Here's an idea of some fun activities you can use in your own speech and language sessions!

Activity #1: Choose any "ice cream" or "cool treat" themed book you can start your session off with. I particularly love the "The Ice Cream King" by Steve Metzger! This story is easy to pair with ice cream play-props and make your own ice cream shop with ice cream play sets. This story is also great for emphasizing /k/ sounds (e.g., king, cream, can, cone, crown) and /s-blends/ (e.g., scoop, slip, splash, spoon, spin, spaceship, sprinkles, strawberry).

Activity #2: Ice cream sensory bin! You can use actual ice cream play sets and hide the scoops and toppings in a sensory bin or use TPT play-prop pieces like this category ice cream game found in Kiersten's (Words Matter) TPT cool treat resource!

Activity #3: Make an Ice Cream sundae!! Target sequencing, following directions, listening for details, s-blends, spatial concepts all while making fun ice cream desserts! This set is from Kiersten's TPT cool treat theme unit!

Activity #4: Ice Cream Shop! Use ice cream play-dough sets, pom-poms, confetti, beads, or other craft embellishments to make your own ice cream desserts while taking orders and creating your very own ice cream shop! Target themed vocabulary, social skills, conversation skills, listening for details, expanding utterances, following directions, spatial concepts, and speech sounds all while playing ice cream shop!

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