Number One Tip for a Stress-Free Speech Session

Jan 31, 2024

How can I have a stress-free session?

Knowing how and that you can follow the child's lead will give you the ability as a therapist to take anything in the room or any interest of the child and use it to target the goals that you are working on!

There is often the misunderstanding that "following the child's lead" is a "free-for-all". That is NOT the case. The key to being able to follow the child's lead successfully and effectively is being able to take the evidence based strategies you know and incorporate them into any activity, using anything! As a play-based speech therapist you are able to do just that!

Have no idea where to start? No idea on what to do and how to manage this successfully? WE GOT YOU!! 

We have designed an entire course with the aim to make you a confident and effective play based speech therapist all the while decreasing your prep time and re-establishing your passion for the amazing field we work in! Want to know more? Click HERE!

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