Seven Myths about Play Based Therapy

tips and tricks Aug 25, 2021

When we ask people why they don't use play in therapy - their reply is usually one of these myths. So let's BUST THESE MYTHS and get you playing in therapy!

1) You can't take data. FALSE. There are many ways to take data!

2) Before the session begins, you have no idea what you're going to do. FALSE. You still make a plan before the session and consider key factors.

3) You can't do play based therapy in groups. FALSE. What's more natural to children than playing with others? 

4) You need to spend thousands of dollars on resources. FALSE. You can use anything in play-based therapy! 

5) It's not real therapy. FALSE. Research has shown that children learn in meaningful situations, such as play!

6) Play is just for toddlers. FALSE. Kids of ALL ages play. Of course, the play looks different with a two year than a ten year old - but it's still PLAY!

7) It takes too much time. FALSE. Once you change your mind-shift to being a Play Based Therapist, you will do very little prep before your session - actually saving you a tonne of time! 

In the Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course, we dive deep into these myths and shed light on all of them. For more information, visit


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