Top 5 Games to Use with Preschoolers

games in speech Oct 20, 2021

We love using games in therapy with all ages! Games are a great way to practice a variety of skills and goals in a meaningful and purposeful way! 

Our top 5 game choices when working with preschoolers include:

1) Pop the Pig by Goliath Games: you can target...

  • preposition "in"
  • opposites "in/out" or "empty/full"
  • verbs "eat/ate", "want/wants/wanted", "feed/fed", "give/gave", "need", "cook";
  • speech sounds /p/ (pig, pop, push, put), /sh/ (push, show), /f/ (feed, food, four, fit, full), /l/ (look, like, love, yellow, purple), /k,g/ (cook, like, pick, go, got, green, good, gone, pig)
  • expanding utterances: "he wants the yellow burger", "I got the green burger", "put the purple in"
  • following directions: "push 3 times", "find a red burger and put it in his mouth", "first put the red burger in his mouth, them put the yellow burger in his mouth" 

2) Diggin' Doggies by Game Zone: you can target....

  • same/different talk about if the bone is the same colour as the puppy or different 
  • preposition "on"
  • possessive 's talk about who's turn it is, who's bone it is, etc.
  • verbs "eat/ate", "want/wants/wanted", "fetch", "run", "hop"
  • speech sounds name the puppies using the target speech sound; /g/ (go, get, got, dig, dog, green), /s/ (same, see, Spot, Sam, Max, house, yes), /l/ (lucky, lick, blue, yellow, roll), /ch/ (choose, check, match, fetch)
  • expanding utterances: "I got a green bone", "it's not a match"

3) Jumping Jack by Goliath Games: you can target...

  • prepositions "in/out" ... when you pick a carrot decide whether to put it "in" the basket, "on" or "under" the basket
  • verbs "eat/ate", "want/wants/wanted", "jump/jumped", "give/gave", "steal/stole"
  • speech sounds /k/ (carrot, pick, can), /s-blends/ (spin, stick, steal, basket, taste)
  • plurals "carrot" vs "carrots"
  • following directions: "put the carrot in the blue basket"

4) Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom

  • preposition "in"
  • opposites "in/out" or "empty/full"
  • verbs "eat/ate", "want/wants/wanted", "feed/fed", "give/gave", "need", "cook";
  • speech sounds /l/ (look, like, love), /s-blends/ (spin, spoon, snack, spinner, monster)
  • adjectives/describing describe each food, talk about if they are yummy/yucky
  • following directions: "give him 3 snacks", "first give him the ___, then give him the ___"

5) Cariboo by Cranium 

  • preposition "in"
  • opposites "open/close", "in/out"
  • verbs "eat/ate", "want/wants/wanted", "feed/fed", "give/gave", "need", "cook";
  • speech sounds customize the cards on each door; /k/ (key, look, pick), /l/ (look, ball), /s/ (see, sand, special, stick)
  • expanding utterances: "I found a blue ball", "no ball"
  • following directions: "first open the blue door, then open the red door"

All of these games are easily adaptable to target a range of goals at various levels! Games that keep children engaged and eager to participate are a win for us!! 

In our Play Based Speech Therapy Course we cover a lot of different toys, games, and everyday items you can use to target a variety of goals! Not only will this give new ideas on toys or games you already own but it will change the way you see these items when prepping and planning for your very own sessions! 

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