Transportation Themed Lesson Plan for Speech Therapy

themes in speech Mar 01, 2023

Using a transportation or vehicle theme in your speech therapy sessions is great for several reasons! One, is that it is a theme that can be used all year-round! You can easily create your themed activities once and have them available for grab and go therapy anytime of the year. Here is a sample of an easy transportation themed lesson plan you can use this year with your students:

Activity #1: Choose any "transportation" themed book you can start your session off with. Pair the story with transportation play-props to make the story interactive and engaging for your students. I recently came across this book "My Truck is Stuck!" and it's SO cute and GREAT for therapy! You can target rhyming (e.g., beep-jeep-steep), /ɹ/ sounds (e.g., "road", "truck", "red", "rotten", "roar"), s-blends (e.g., "stuck", "still", "steep"), problem solving, core words (e.g., "help", "more", "stuck"), symbolic sounds (e.g., "beep-beep") and repetitive text.

Click here for the link.

Activity #2: Grab your critter clinic and transform it into a vehicle mechanic shop with Anna's Critter Clinic Toy Companion! Use this one activity to target: Articulation, Following Directions, Basic Concept, Core Vocabulary, Inferencing, Following directions, Rhyming, Describing, Pronouns, Plurals, Possessives, Present progressing -ing, Spatial Concepts, and Verb Tenses

Click here for the link.

Activity #3: Grab your transportation themed TPT products and store them all together in your themed bin for an easy grab and go session. This particular transportation themed unit is jam packed with a variety of language goals and speech sound goals that are interactive and that you can use with your entire caseload! It's always nice to have a themed resource prepped and ready to use any time you grab your theme for therapy. 

Click here for the link for more information on this unit.

Activity #4: Last but not least, grab some magnetic tiles and have fun creating car garages for your play vehicles. There are endless possibilities you can use this activity to work on speech and language skills. You can target requesting (e.g., "more" each tile, "I want the blue square"), s-blends (e.g., stick, stack, stay, slow, fast), spatial concepts (e.g., on, under, in, beside), following directions (e.g., put the red square beside the blue square), core words (e.g., open, close, go, want).

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