Using Easter Eggs in Speech Therapy

toys in speech Mar 22, 2023

We LOVE using surprise toys in our speech therapy sessions and have an entire sub-module dedicated to this toy category in our course! Easter Eggs are a great type of surprise toy that allows you target a variety of skills while having a tonne of fun and engagement in your sessions! 

Activity #1: Sensory Bin! Hide mini objects OR game pieces in your easter eggs and place them in a sensory bin! Placing your game pieces in the eggs allows your game to go longer and increases opportunities for target trials! 

Activity #2: Create your own Easter Egg hunt! Pair this activity with any Easter themed book to make your books interactive and engaging. Happy Easter Mouse is a GREAT one! As the mouse finds a coloured egg, have the child find the same coloured egg hidden in your room. Talk about WHERE you found the egg to work on spatial concepts or what's hidden inside to work on themed vocab and describing!

Activity #3: Play memory! Grab an old carton of eggs and place your easter eggs inside. Have the child pick two eggs and see if the item inside matches. Use mini objects that use your target sound or language concept. This is also a great way to work on comparing and contrasting each time the child picks two eggs. 

Activity #4: Last but not least, pair your eggs with the "That's NOT my" series. Hide items of different textures to expand upon the descriptive vocabulary in the book. Hide different items and ONE chick to work on negation - it is NOT a chick, it IS a chick!

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