Valentine's Day Lesson Plan for Speech Therapy

themes in speech Jan 31, 2023

Valentine's Day themed activities are always a fun addition to any speech and language therapy session! Here are some of our favourite activities to use this time of year while working on describing, themed vocabulary, sequencing, story-retell, prepositions, wh-questions and more!

Activity #1: Begin with a Valentine's Day themed book! The book "Froggy's First Kiss" is a great book to target themed vocabulary, feelings, describing, wh-questions, verbs, /K, L, CH/ sounds and more! I love pairing any book with play-props - whether it be toys, mini objects, paper props or puppets! This particular book companion makes it an engaging way for students to participate in the activity while learning and practicing new skills. Grab the book companion here.

Activity #2: This Valentine's Day Themed Speech Therapy Activity is a versatile, play-based speech therapy resource with your preschool and school aged students to target articulation, phonology, expressive language, and receptive language all of February! Pair this Toy Companion with your favourite Valentine's Day themed books, toys or use on its own to get a tonne of trials in your speech language therapy sessions using play! Grab the resource here.

Activity #3: Mini sensory bin! Grab a task box, pencil case or little basket and fill it with a variety of Valentine's Day themed objects with different textures and different sizes and watch your student's language explode! This particular sensory bin includes a variety of Valentine's Day themed mini objects that include the /L/ sound: letter, lipstick, little, small, love, lamb, lollipop, popsicle, light, and lady bug! As the child searches for the mini objects they are able to practice their speech targets in an interactive, motivating way! Using objects with varying size and texture also allows for you to target descriptive vocabulary and basic concepts naturally! 

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