Aug 18, 2021

We realized that we have been talking and talking about Play Based Therapy for the past few weeks..... but we haven't explained WHAT it is exactly! 

Here are six points that define Play Based Therapy:

  • In Play Based Therapy, speech and language skills are targeted within in the context of play.
  • Play Based Therapy is fun and engaging, and sometimes even a little bit silly.
  • In Play Based Therapy, play is purposeful. This meaning that everything we say and do is developing speech and language.
  • Play Based Therapy allows us to meet the child where they're at. Our play matches the child's abilities and promotes development.
  • Play Based Therapy is Child-Led. It provides opportunities for us to build on the child's interests, as they explore their environment.
  • A combination of toys, social interaction, crafts, games, books, and songs are used to elicit speech and language skills.

One of our goals of the Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course is for SLPs to feel confident when explaining to others what Play Based Therapy is and what the benefits are. We have a bunch of handouts for you in the Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course to help you along with this! 

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