Year Round Theme Ideas for Speech Therapy

themes in speech Aug 10, 2022

We are definitely passionate about play-based speech therapy as well as any ideas and ways to help decrease YOUR PREP TIME and increase YOUR PASSION for your job! Organizing materials in themes is one of the tips and tricks we focus on in our Play Based Speech Therapy Course. We have an entire module dedicated to themes: why we love using themes in play-based therapy, what themed therapy looks like, how to organize themes and create themed sessions as well as providing you with detailed handouts and mock sessions for bringing it all together to give you the confidence you need when implementing it on your own! 

We often get questions on when to do what theme or how long to do a theme across your caseload.

We put together a quick handout that allows you to see how we often break down our themes over the course of the year! REMEMBER, this is just ONE way and there are SO many other ways to break down your themes as well.

Some times we use multiple themes a month, sometimes we use a theme for a couple weeks and others we use themes for the whole month. We have compiled the themes we often use and broke them down into smaller theme ideas you can use throughout the month BUT you could just as easily choose 1-2 themes and use them across the month as well.

START with what you already have and go from there! 

Do you love handouts that can guide and aid your therapy prep and planning? 

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In our course, you will be able to immediately access over 70 handouts including these themed resource lists for speech therapy as well as take away hundreds of ideas you can use in therapy right away!


One of the 13 modules we give you is "Themes and Play Based Therapy". We go into DEPTH with the reasoning & research behind using themes & taxonomies in therapy, how themes and play based therapy go hand-in-hand, where to begin with themed therapy, how to organize the materials you already own, and how to implement themed therapy in your speech room. That's just ONE module! Can you believe it?

We love hearing our members say that they feel confident and inspired to take the strategies we teach and use them the next day in their speech rooms and would love to welcome you this next launch if it works for you!

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