A step-by-step course that will teach you everything you need to know about Play Based Therapy

"I'm so impressed with how much information was included for all age ranges. I really thought that this would focus on kids who were already talking, but I was so excited to see how much content was included for my pre-verbal kids. I was also so impressed with all of the demos you included- it is so hard to conceptualize how this would work, these really helped!"

"I loved the course presenters, and how information wasn't just thrown at us, but rather the fully explained and demonstrated. This is one of the best courses I have ever done. I also loved the workbook design and layout which allowed me to make notes as I went."

"There is NOTHING that I didn't love! I loved the examples and the walk-through sessions. This was so helpful to watch you put it into play but to just see how play therapy looks in your minds, as well. I loved the handouts that we can use for ourselves, but also to give to parents. I have handed SO many out already and built little packets for new-to-speech-therapy moms and dads.  course. Do not change a thing. I'm not kidding."

"This course is so wonderful! It is so comprehensive and touched upon all areas, even ones I didn't know I needed to learn about! You can tell how passionate Anna and Kiersten about what they do, and you can't help but love their videos. As a season SLP, I can't wait to start implementing the strategies and ideas I have learned into my therapy sessions!"

"The course sparked so many new ideas and creativity in me and has changed my therapy style for the better! I am more confident in using play in therapy and have so many tools from the course that made it easy to implement. I’m eager to share this course with others because it has been invaluable in terms of making me feel comfortable and confident using play to address speech and language goals in my sessions!"

"First of all - AMAZING COURSE! One of the best things I learned is about social games and that you can literally use anything in your environment as an activity, especially with the kids who are not yet ready for toys. I also loved how Anna explained how to start and stop the social game so that it is repetitive. I tried this the next day and already had SUCH good progress and interactions with one of my kiddos!"

"The biggest takeaway I have learned is that not all children love toys or are ready for toys and that's ok. I have had a few clients in this position and felt lost because I felt like one of my toys just had to work. Now I know how to engage with them and have meaningful sessions with them without forcing them to play with my selected toys. I loved that we were able to see the tips, ideas, and activities put into action. Seeing a therapy session play out helped me become aware of how I could apply the information into my sessions."

"It was very well organized, easy  to follow, great ideas to use in therapy sessions.  Just wish I would have done it sooner! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I have so many ideas ready to implement."

" I love the way everything was practical and that I could see how to implement the strategies you were teaching. Not a lot of courses have that perspective and I loved it. All the info was useful."

"There were so many practical, exciting things to start implementing NOW! I cannot wait to start utilizing themes to cover all strategies that were covered before that section in the course. Anna and Kiersten were both dynamic, engaging, and exciting to watch. They both love what they do, and that is reflected in this course!"

"I have a lot of nonverbal children on my caseload so I found the topic of not using toys to be very beneficial. I also loved the practical ideas for tx that were molded throughout the course. I loved all of the practical ideas that were modelled through out the session that can be implemented during therapy. Thank for doing this course. I will highly recommend it to my colleagues."

"A takeaway I am leaving with is to truly follow a child's lead and interest. I thought I was playing in therapy and letting the child lead but it was really adult directed. I loved all of the mock sessions and breaking down games/toys and what goals could be targeted using them. It was an excellent course! Just what I needed!!"

"I really enjoyed learning about the social/people games and I already have 2 students in mind to begin with. I loved it all! The comprehensive handouts, the data collection, demonstrating therapy sessions, explaining how you store items. This is the best course I have taken in years!"

"Play is not just for early intervention and preschool, it is functional and necessary when approaching all goals, specifically for me articulation goals, making it functional and fun! I loved the short videos and modules, it was easy to watch between visits, at lunch or during a break! Great information very helpful and resourceful!"

"My number one complaint about continuing ed courses is when the info isn’t concrete or easily applied to my sessions and y’all did an amazing job of giving SO SO many examples and demos and just wonderful info I can use right away!"

"There is so much applicable information for the RIGHT NOW and it makes planning therapy so exciting. I needed this so badly to put some pep back in to my therapy planning. This was amazing and you both are such a blessing!"

"I loved the hundreds of real world examples put into practice, rather than spoken in hypotheticals. I could immediately use these strategies the very next day with students, based on what I learned the night before."

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